Friday, March 12, 2010

Vegan Routes. A big fat womp.

Last week I went to Vegan Routes, a new vegan restaurant in Soho. Like Rootmaster, Vegan Routes is housed in a retired double decker bus with the kitchen on the first floor and seating outside and on the top. The food was alright but really nothing special. My friend and I split a hummus appetizer...which was literally a blob of chunky, gritty hummus with some celery and carrot sticks. Not a pita in sight. We both got the Shepherd's pie which was pretty nice, but would have been much better under a different name--calling it "Shepherd's pie" was trying to make it something it wasn't. It was good, but nothing like Shepherd's pie so omni's (like my friend) ordered it with unrealistic expectations. Lentil pie would have been a more appropriate name.

When ordering our drinks, the waiter misunderstood our orders of "tap water" and thought we wanted the £4 guarana. I'm not sure how this confusion took place since there was no language barrier, but the guarana was definitely not worth the price. Actually, it was pretty gawdawful.

The thing that bothered me most was how the food was served. Everything was served in cardboard. Cardboard cups, cardboard plates...and the main courses were served in take away containers. Take away containers! Not only did it make you feel like you weren't even wanted--like you were being rushed out--but it was also detrimental to the environment while being under and eco-friendly guise. How many of those paper plates do they go through in a day just to have them thrown out after each use?! I asked the server if anything was recycled for further use and she said she didn't know.

All in all a major disappointment. My loyalties definitely lie with the original vegan bus. Nicer service, better food, plus it's right next to one of the best vintage clothing shops in London. Win.

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  1. That looks really shit! There are far better places to eat in the area.