Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spinach & Split Pea Soup from The Breakfast Club, plus bonus exhibition

Ergh. It's dark, rainy, and gross gross gross outside. Perfect day to start classes up again, eh? Grumble.

It's been a good few days back, though...très relaxing. Tasha and I went to an exhibition yesterday, at the Parisol Unit, which I highly recommend. Visible Invisible: Against the Security of Real showcases the work of artists Cecily Brown, Hans Josephsohn, Shaun McDowell, Katy Moran and Maaike Schoorel.

The work was mostly painting with a few sculptures. My favorite piece was this painting by Cecily Brown; Aujourd'hui Rose (2005).

Brown had another collection of untitled paintings, all of which, while being far from realism, have an undeniable human quality to them.

One of the untitled

Anyways, after the exhibition, we decided to get coffee at our faaavorite breakfast/coffee/everything place. The Breakfast Club in Hoxton Square. If you're ever in the area, you have to go to The Breakfast Club. No excuses. I haven't been to the the other BCs (there's on in Angel and the original in Soho), but when the Hoxton one opened last May, it immediately became our local hangout, coffee joint, and breakfast haven (plenty of vegan options, although you might have to specify for no cheese, eggs, etc.) We moved flats this year and, even though we're now a half hour walk away, we still go to The Breakfast Club all the time. It's just that kind of place; totally worth a little hike.

I decided to get my usual soy cappuccino, along with the soup of the day which was spinach and pea soup. The soup was really nice, although the bread that came with it was outstanding! Yes, the bread. Best part of the meal.
Alright, now that you know about The Breakfast Club...GO!

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