Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Slapsgiving!

Thanksgiving was a surprising success this year. It was my first year I wasn't home or with my family so I was worried about being homesick, but I was fine. I think inviting my American friend, Anna, made it a lot easier since we could be homesick together. I went back to the flat with Anna around 6:00 and had to start cooking straight away. Anna was in charge or mashed potatoes and boiling the dumplings that came with the tofurkey. My job was everything else (tofurkey, apple sage stuffing, and kmouse's spinach artichoke dip).

The torkurkey was a hit! Everyone was a bit skeptical but ended up wanting seconds. Point for team vegan! Kmouse's dip stole the show though. Soooo delicious!
Aimee made pumkin raisin and oatmeal cookies (from VWAV) for dessert. No pictures, but trust me, they were delicious!

Of course the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers....note to everyone: Kmouse's spinach artichoke dip is even better the next morning on toast! Mmmmm

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