Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweetcorn Chowder

It was a pretty gross Saturday this weekend: cloudy, grey, and the misty type of rain that makes my hair explode. My flatmate, Tasha, and I were both nursing some nasty colds so the plan for the day was clear: SOUP!

Of all days to be barren, our pantry chose this one. Of course. We found some vegetable stock granules, a can of cannelini beans, frozen peas, an onion, and tvp. Don't try this at home...we weren't expecting anything great. We were sick and just wanted something to fill the soup void in our ickle ill hearts.

No such luck. The groul that bubbled and hissed in the pot could not have been less edible. Somehow we were going to have to soldier on to Tesco for ingredients...and find a recipe. No more romantic hopes of creating a perfect soup spontaniously. Non. Us wild birds needed some taming. Boundaries. Instructions.

Aaaanyways, we managed to get all the ingredients for Sweetcorn Chowder from VWAV and some root vegetable soup Tasha found online.

I didn't try Tasha's or take a picture of it, but my corn chowder was delicious! It was a bit too sweet at first but some extra salt made it perfect.

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